Two Lance Tube Cleaner (2LTC)

Portable, affordable, safe and easy to assemble are just some of the main characteristics of the new tube cleaning equipment: The Peinemann Two Lance Tube Cleaner.

Features & Benefits

Made from high quality materials we managed to manufacture equipment that will have improved cleaning capabilities at a relatively small investment.

The added benefit is that the whole structure is portable modular, easy to dismantle and it can be used in conjunction with a small High Pressure pump. The remote control will increase safety as the operator will be operating the tube cleaning equipment from a safe working distance.

  • The 2 LTC is a standard setup consisting of a light weight but yet a strong indexing frame to which the 2 LTC is mounted.
  • Operated by air via a simple remote control and weighing no more than 160 kg combined.
  • Easy to dismantle and working with two flex hoses at a time creates an ideal piece of equipment in difficult to reach locations.
  • Twice the speed with equal cleaning results compared to the 1 LTC.
  • Average Speed 150 tot 180 tubes per hour.

The Two Lance Cleaners are controlled via remote control keeping the operator away from the danger. Hose catchers that are fitted to the equipment preventing the hose coming out of the machine. At the other end of the flex hose you can fit a stopper which limits the length of hose to be fed down the tubes.

2 LTC Vertical

The main horizontal beam of the 2 LTC frame can easily be dismantled and positioned vertically as shown below. This set up is not limited by only the 2 LTC and also longer indexing beams could be used if required.

The same remote can be used for left and right movements as well as in and out movements of the flex hoses. Manually you position the equipment to the next row of tubes that need to be cleaned.

Cleaning with 2 flex lances at the same time. Cleaning is done twice. The nozzle travels in and out of the tube under pressure. Thanks to the constant speed of the nozzle going in and out no contamination or fouling will remain behind.

Model Specs

Technical Specifications

Hose Size (OD) 6 mm – 11,5 mm (,24″ – ,45″)
Maximum OD hose coupling 17,3 mm (,68″)
Standard Pitch distance (adjustable) 35 mm (1,38″)
Maximum Capacity 0,38 KW (0,5 PK)
Minimum air pressure 3,0 Bar (45 Psi)
Maximum air pressure 6,3 Bar (95 Psi)
Air consumption 180 L/min. at max RPM (6.3 CFM)
Recommended flow 76 ltr (20 gallon) per min. (2 x 38 ltr./2 x 10 gallon)
Recommended pressure 1000 Bar (15,000 psi)
Maximum pressure Suitable to work with pressures up to 2800 Bar (40,611 Psi)
Cleaning speed 0,45 m – 0,70 m/sec (18″ – 30″ per second)
(adjustable with air pressure)
Max. pull/push strength approx. 250 Newton (183 foot Pounds)
Weight (approx) 160 kgs (337 pounds)
Frame dimensions in working setup Width 2,1m x Height 2,2m x L 1m (83″ x 87″ x 40″)
2LTC_video1     2LTC_video2 2LTC_video3     2LTC_video4